iam back here and have some feelings to share with you… i just dropped into the TOPMAN website and looked up to the new things they had and which things they stocked up. So for the people which have no time to look all over their big variety of new stuff and styles, here is the lookbook for the upcoming season autumn/winter 2014.
This season the Design Team really had their focus on the material and the combination between those. On the first sight u might thinking „wow this is really a classy/basic outfit“ but on the second sight u might notice all the little details like the lacquer pants or oversized longer shirts and sweaters. They still have a big spectrum of the typical autumn-ish colours but there is laying a big focus on the contrasts (black, grey, salt´n´pepper and white).
The big intension was to build a new target group which really is into fashion. The man who lives the androgyn, different an provocative look in a classy way.

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