I finally moved in my beautiful flat. It really took a lot of energy to get this flat ready to live in. I had a lot of issues and problems with the electricity and the old building.

But you know what? if you really love something in your life u will do everything to get that „problem“ fixed. And so I did. At the moment there are still some building sites. For example my changing room for my clothing and shoes. I will use this room as an office as well so I can do my blog posts and sewing things in a quite inspiring place. The Photos will follow soon but I wanted to show u the rest of my flat so u can imagine my surrounding.

In this Post i will give u all really a little help if u move in a new flat or u just have to throw all your old furniture away and want to buy some new stuff.


you really want to make sure what u need to live in your flat. I just give myself a budget and i made a checklist in which room are my biggest essentials to live. For example:


– kitchenette with all devices u need

– all the tableware and flatware

– and so on…


so if u made that for all rooms you can go to your local furniture store if u have a really big car and a lot of gas or u made it like me u just ordered everything online and let it deliver to you. this method has two benefits. First as I said you don´t need to carry all the stuff with your car around and second you can compare prices online with other furniture online stores to get the fairest price.

In my case I really like the minimalistic furniture and not a lot of decor or something so I kept in mind „what do I really need to live?“ and not what would looks great.


after all that buying process I just waited for the arrival from the furniture and then I furnished everything.

I really hope I could help you with this little tips. But enough bla bla here are some pictures I have taken. I wish you a wonderful week and see you soon.

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