first of all I really have to say I am really sorry. I really appreciate your support and all the lovely e-mails, I get from you. the last two months were really heavy and I had to work hard and do my best to achieve that what I am getting right now. My life has changed this year almost to 180°. I got in a relationship, moved to another city, to live closer to my workplace and maybe I am getting a new job. So there was not that much time to post or write down any thoughts that would be from the bottom of my heart. I got some really sad e-mails were you asked me whether I stop blogging or just throw this all away… BUT the answer is NO I will do my best to post frequently when I’m done the moving to the new flat and the working. I am so on my drive right now and I hope you guys are still with me and as excited like me to build a community to be honest about all the fashion industry and the big „yes“ or „no´s“ in the upcoming seasons.

dearly Kevin

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