here is the little haul what i talked about.
i got my order from office then i went to H&M and Peek&Cloppenburg and i was at the thrift store so u can see what i bought and some close ups
This jacket was very hided in the mens section jackets but i still found it and it worth the time i spend in the thrift store.

This was the typical spontaneous purchase. but anyway wonderful colours and nice fit.
This Bad Boy is the best purchase in a thrift store i´ve ever made.
(in facts: real leather biker jacket, perfect condition, perfect fitting and perfect price OMG!!!!!

This is the result of the featuring with They sent me this perfect 4cm high plimsoll creepers and i have to say they are soooo hell comfy and well made. Thumbs up for

This was the fastest shopping ever because i work at H&M and when packed out the articles i saw these snapbacks and i thought come to me babe because u will fit perfectly to my MTV jumper. So i bought this cap. 


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