Just wanna show you some onine shops where i always offer something or just do some „window shopping“ ūüėÄ

ASOS is one of my favorite online shops because they have such a brilliant online concept u can see the model with the clothing in action (video) and they have big range of styles 
and brands and they have sometimes very big sales and good prizes!

CALIROOTS  is always a good deal and always the first one with new things online! like it a lot !!
COUTIE is good online shop but they are really focused on a few brannds. But anyway nice prizes and  nice service.

DROP DEAD is just an amazing online shop and brand because they have the 
perfect mixture of some urban and indi-ish styles.

LONG CLOTHING is a really cool and dark fashion brand they have longer shirts,
jumpers and tank tops and some several acc¬īs.

PEOPLES PLACE is a german online shop which sells some alternative
clothing and a lot of nice acc¬īs.

TOPMAN is just a brilliant online concept which means they have a online music radio station which gives u great music while shopping. And they have really cool and different styles. 

URBAN OUTFITTERS is maybe one of most expensive online shops which aim gonna show you in my post but i have to say that they have a gift department which includes cameras, desk/office gadgets and many more.

VIRGIN BLAK is a very fashionable online shop because they sell really alternative clothes with very different cuts and details.

YOUREYESLIE is just a perfect online shop for people with an addiction for prints and acc¬īs

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